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Highland Park Pool Rules and Operating Regulations

(Parents: It is your responsibility to make sure your children and guests know the Rules and Regulations and follow them.)

A. General

  1. All persons using the pool, including members and guests, do so at their own risk.
  2. Food may not be consumed within the pool enclosure except in the Snack Bar enclosure.
  3. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the pool enclosure except during specially scheduled events.
  4. Trash receptacles shall be used for the disposal of debris.
  5. Smoking is only permitted in the picnic area.
  6. Playing any games, or with any objects, within the pool enclosure, that is deemed hazardous by the pool management is prohibited.
  7. Swimming accessories (like small, soft balls) are permitted at the discretion of pool management.
  8. Unauthorized persons are not permitted to use the office or other facilities, such as lifeguard stands, etc.
  9. Pets are not permitted within the pool enclosure* or on pool property.
  10. Street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck/apron, except by operating personnel.*
  11. The Corporation is not responsible for property left on the Highland Park premises, including in pool lockers.
  12. Bicycles and motorbikes must be parked in designated areas.
  13. Adult Swim: Pool breaks will be reserved for adults only (16 years and above) every hour :45-00.  
  14. A member is liable for any damage to pool property caused by the members family or guests.
  15. The office telephone is strictly for business calls and not social calls.
  16. Children shall not loiter in the dressing rooms and shall refrain from standing under the “Hot” showers to warm up.
  17. Disregard for authority of the lifeguards may result in immediate expulsion from the corporate facilities at the discretion of the pool management for a period determined by the Board of Directors.
  18. Any damage to pool property or disregard of the Rules and Operating Regulations may result in the suspension of members use of corporate facilities for a period determined by the Board of Directors.
  19. A lap lane shall be set up at a member’s request during breaks and after 6 pm at the discretion of pool management based on current pool occupancy.
  20. During adult swim, infants and children ages 2 and under will be permitted in the pool. However, no floatation devices will be permitted. Babies should have plastic protective pants with elastic leg and waist bands over swim diapers and remain in the arms of an adult.
  21. Loud music is not permitted as a courtesy for fellow members.
  22. Profanity, in any form, shall not be permitted.
  23. Internet usage is subject to the following rules:  a) No inappropriate sites as deemed appropriate by the pool management.  b) Members must supervise internet usage by any child under 12 years of age. Pool management may request a member to terminate internet usage if management, in its discretion, feels that usage is not appropriate.
  24. The popular game, Sharks and Minnows, will only be allowed in the diving well every hour on the :30-:45.  The Board reserves its rights to review this rule change.

B. Safety

  1. Horse play, as determined by the discretion of the pool management, is prohibited on club property.
  2. The swimming pool will be used only under the supervision of lifeguards.
  3. Glass items shall not be brought within the pool enclosure.
  4. In the main pool, children under age 12 must be within arms reach of a supervising adult at all times, unless they are under the supervision of a swimming instructor or are wearing a bracelet signifying that they have demonstrated their independent swimming ability to the satisfaction of the pool manager or his/her designee. (See “Swim Test” below).  Sharing of swim bracelets is prohibited and is considered a serious infraction that may result in immediate expulsion from the pool in the discretion of management.
  5. Anyone who appears to be under the influence of intoxicating substances, in the judgment of pool management, may be prohibited and expelled from the facilities.
  6. Rafts and any other flotation devices that management deems may obscure the lifeguards’ view of the pool bottom are prohibited.  “Floaties,” water wings, and infant rings with seats are allowed in the main pool, but only if a supervising adult is within arms reach and management does not deem the pool too crowded for their safe use.
  7. “Noodles” and kick boards are allowed in the main pool at the discretion of pool management.
  8. At the discretion of the pool management, the diving boards may be closed when conditions warrant.
  9. Playing on the pool ladders and the pool steps is prohibited.
  10. Climbing and sitting on the fences are strictly prohibited.
  11. At the discretion of the Pool Manager, the pool may be closed at any hour when the weather or other conditions dictate.
  12. In case of thunder, the pool will be cleared for a minimum of 30 minutes, or longer in the discretion of management.  In the case of lightning, the entire pool enclosure will be closed immediately for a period of 45 minutes after the last bolt of lightning, or longer in the discretion of management.
  13. Diving is not permitted in the shallow end of the pool.
  14. Talking to, or otherwise distracting, lifeguards while they are on duty is prohibited.

C. Health and Sanitation

  1. All participants must take a soap shower before entering the pool.
  2. All participants must utilize the footbaths and entry showers before entering the pool apron.
  3. No member shall knowingly enter the bathhouse or pool enclosure, or permit a child or guest to do so, while suffering from any contagious disease such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, cold, etc., or while suffering from any open wounds or sores. All participants will be observed by the Pool Manager and lifeguards, and persons with questionable conditions may be barred from admission.*
  4. Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear plastic protective pants, with elastic leg and waistbands over swim diapers when using the pools.
  5. Changing diapers or disrobing children anywhere but in the bathhouse is prohibited.

D. Admission Requirements

  1. Pool admission will be granted with presentation of a valid membership identification card.  A Family Identification Form must be completed by each family at the beginning of each season.
  2. All members must sign in at the Front Desk each time they enter the pool facility.  They are required to identify themselves to the Front Desk personnel and to await verification of membership before entering.
  3. Abuse of pool admission will cause immediate suspension from the facilities for a period of time determined by the Board of Directors.
  4. Children under 12 years of age within the pool enclosure must be accompanied and directly supervised by a person who is age 16 or older. This person assumes full responsibility for the child.
  5. All guests of members shall be admitted and signed in by the member. Guests shall pay the daily guest fee (posted at the front desk) to gain admittance. Any members who allow their guests to enter the facilities improperly are subject themselves to suspension from the facilities for a time period determined by the Board of Directors. ALL GUESTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE MEMBER.
  6. Guests 3 years of age and younger are admitted for free.

E. Swimming and Tennis Lessons
Lessons are open to all members, and guests accompanied by a member, on a first- come, first-served basis.
F. Baby Pool Rules

  1. The Baby Pool is to be used ONLY by children 6 years old or younger and supervised by a responsible adult.
  2. Children requiring diapers MUST wear plastic protective pants with elastic leg and waistbands over swim diapers.
  3. NO RAFTS or large flotation devices are allowed.  “Floaties,” water wings, and infant rings with seats may be used, unless the management deems the pool too crowded for their safe use. All children using such devices must be within arms reach of a supervising adult at all times.
  4. Only small, lightweight water toys are allowed.
  5. Children swimming in the large pool may not use the baby pool during the “break” period. The “break” is a rest period required for young swimmers.

G. Diving Rules

  1. Only ONE person may be on the diving board at a time.
  2. There is no jumping or diving off the diving board until the previous diver has reached the ladder.
  3. No swimmer may wait in the water under the board to “catch” a diver.
  4. On the diving board: no running dives, no leaning on the railing, and no more than one bounce is allowed.
  5. Use the nearest ladder to exit the diving well.
  6. Children wearing any flotation aids are NOT permitted on the diving boards.
  7. Children must have a swim bracelet or be able to safely and independently swim, as judged by management, to the exit ladder of the pool after going off the diving boards.  See Rule G.6 above.
  8. No goggles shall be worn when going off diving boards.

H. Swim Test 
A swim test will be given to any child wishing to swim independently in the main pool or use the diving boards.  The test will be administered by the Pool Manager or his/her designee.  After successful completion of the test the child will be issued a “swim bracelet” and a record will be kept at the front desk of the child’s accomplishment.  The swim bracelet must be worn by the child when swimming in the main pool.
To successfully complete the Swim Test, the child must:

  1. Continuously swim the length of the pool without resting.
  2. Tread water continuously for one minute.

The Swim Test will be administered during swim breaks.  Please see the Pool Manager if you wish your child to take the test. 
I. Rules Enforcement 

  1. The Pool Management & Lifeguards, reserve the right to and are responsible for enforcing the Pool Rules and Operating Regulations with respect to any member, guest  or group violating such rules and regulations.
  2. All individuals in or using the Pool areas must comply with and abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this document and directions given by Pool Management and Lifeguards on-site.
  3. Pool Management & Lifeguards have the authority to temporarily deny anyone including members & guests the temporary use of the Pool for any reason including but not limited to violation of any of the rules or policies set forth in this document.
  4. If an individual is or becomes a threat to other HPP members or guests, Pool Management reserves the right to forward the matter to the HPP Board of Directors for review and possible suspension or other revocation of membership privileges.
  5. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the infraction as determined by pool management, the following schedule of consequences for infractions or violations of the Pool Rules or policies may be administered by pool staff including but not limited to Pool Managers & Lifeguards:
    1. First Offense – “Warning” – whistle and verbal correction from the lifeguard/pool manager.
    2. Second Offense – “15 Minutes” – patron is restricted from the area of the offense (e.g. out of the pool).
    3. Third Offense -“1 Hour” – patron is removed from the pool and pool area for an hour.  The offender can spend time on the basketball court, picnic area, or tennis courts, but they are not allowed in the pool or pool area for an hour.  The offenders name will be recorded by the Pool Manager and the information will be sent to AP.  The BOD of directors will receive the names of any “Third Offense” patrons on a weekly basis.
    4. Fourth Offense – “Removed for the Day” – any patron that breaks any rule after being removed from the pool and pool area for 1-hour will forfeit their access to the entire Highland Park Facility for the remainder of the day. The BOD of directors will receive the names of any “Fourth Offense” patrons on a weekly basis.

*County requirement
Approved by Highland Park Board of Directors:
May 2021

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